Welcome to Gold Coast Gun Club

Welcome to the Gold Coast Gun Club.  This page will help you get familiar with some of the important Range rules that must be followed.  It is important that you follow and understand these rules to ensure you have a safe range visit.

  • 1. When you come to the range you must sign the log book. Write the date, print your name, the club name (Gold Coast Gun Club or GCGC) and the time that you entered.
  • 2. If you bring a guest, fill out a waiver, once per guest not per visit.  Fill out a guest form and pay the fee.
  • 3. Clean up after yourself, remember to pick up all of your brass and put in the appropriate bucket.
    • ◦ One bucket for brass (gold)
    • ◦ One bucket for stainless (silver)
    • ◦ One bucket for .22 caliber (also gold)

Important Notes:

  • The speed limit is 5 miles per hour when driving down the road on the golf course to the range.
  • Be advised that we have cameras everywhere.
  • If you have a .22 rifle, leave it in the case until you reach the shooting points.
  • No handling of firearms outside the shooting points.  One exception is that you can handle your firearm at the cleaning station, no ammo should be present at the cleaning station.
  • Inside the shooting points, always assume that your firearm:
    • Is loaded
    • Keep it pointed in a safe direction, down range
    • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
  • During a ceasefire, put your firearm in your holster or bag, take your bag with you and stand behind the line.  Do not go into the shooting point for any reason, you will be suspended.  My advice is to take your bag and go into the waiting room.  This will ensure that you are not tempted to get something from the point while the ceasefire is happening.
  • Types of handguns allowed, all calibers except, magnums, armor piercing bullets.
  • Types of rifles allowed, only .22 caliber rifles.

The range has several other rules that you should read and be familiar but these rules will keep you safe.

Range Officers:

  • Turn on range lights first.
  • Remember to open the vents inside the range before you turn on any fans.
  • Turn on the exhaust fan – If you are not sure what fan or fans to turn on, look on the wall for the illustration in orange duct tape.
  • Walk the range and create a range officer report.
  • Drop the report in the box next to the cleaning station.