Membership Packages

Only Club Shooting Times

Saturday's from 10am to 12pm
Excludes Range Officers

Safety and shooting tips

Use of Club's Targets

Use of Club's Cleaning Kits

Use of Club's Eye & Ear Protection

Access to NRA Instructor

Ability to Schedule Shooting Lessons for a Discounted Rate with an NRA Instructor

Must Serve as Range Officer

Twice During a Calendar Year

Volunteer to Keep the Range Clean

One month out of the year, each club is responsible to clean the club for the entire month.

Up to 5 Immediate Family Members

12 Years and Older


Standard Renewal


$200 Initial Membership
$125 Renewal

Silver plus

Standard membership

Range officer

$210 Anual Renewal

Gold Standard

Family Membership

$300 Initial Membership
$300 Renewal

Platinum pro

No Range officer duty required

$500 Initial Membership

During other clubs scheduled shooting times or they offer no reciprocity , see monthly club calendar If other clubs are having club meetings or shooting events – emails will be sent out prior. If the Glen Cove Police Department are shooting

If an individual who is part of the family membership is a Range Officer, they are required to volunteer for range duty twice every calendar year. 

Donate to the Club

If you’d like to make a donation to Gold Coast Gun Club, please click the button below to enter the desired donation amount We appreciate any and all donations made to our organization. Thank you!